Hello Champ!Hello Champ!

Hello, Champ!

Congratulations on owning the sleekest, most accurate, and easy-to-use smart water bottle!

Get Started

Wash your bottle

Wash the bottle’s lid, cap, and water container with water and soap. The water container is dishwasher-safe. Set it all to dry. 

Read your Bottle User Guide
Wash your bottle

Recharge your bottle

Recharge the bottle using the enclosed universal Type-C cable and a 5V charger. When fully charged, the light turns off.

Recharge your bottle

Download INGO Health

INGO Health free mobile app is available on App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery.

Download the App
Download INGO

Pair Your Bottle

Open the app and follow the simple instructions to pair your bottle with the app as you onboard.

Pair your bottle

Fill & Go!

Fill up your bottle with water (you can add ice cubes), grab it and go! Achieve your daily hydration goal and enjoy the energy it brings!

Fill & Go
Have a question? You’ll find the answer in the FAQs section!
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