Save USD 20 on your first INGO Smart Water Bottle purchase

Healthy Habits
That Stick

Our approach to health is simple, fun, and gratifying. INGO makes small, innocuous changes to your routine by setting personalized water, activity, and sleep goals based on your gender, age, and BMI. Every time you hit your goal, we hit you with points!

Get Started

Pair Your Tracker
& Earn Points

INGO works with fitness trackers compatible with Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, and Huawei Health. Steps, sleep, active calories and training progress are simplified into one dashboard, with points rewarded for reaching each goal!

Pairing Devices

Add Water
To Your Day

The right amount of water improves your training, energy, and glow. Unlock your water target with INGO Smart Water Bottle for 360° wellness. Hydrating never looked more fun and edgy.

  • 8 days battery life
  • Leakproof magnetic lid
  • Tritan plastic (BPA-free)
  • Easy clean & charge
  • Lightweight
  • Friendly reminders to drink
Save USD 20 On Your First Bottle
Smart Water Bottle

Bring Your
Crowd Along

Amp up the challenge by inviting your friends and family. Compete on your private leaderboards and claim the monthly Health Crown. The better you hydrate, move, and sleep, the higher your chances of winning!
Let them know who’s number 1.

Leader Board

“Did You Say Rewards?”

Eyes on the prize! With INGO, no sip, move, or rest goes unnoticed. Pick your favorite rewards and exchange them for your health-earned points.

INGO Rewards

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