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Champ! This is your first step towards lasting change.
With the INGO Smart Water Bottle and its wellness and fitness app, living healthy is easy and fun.

Hit your personalized targets and win points.


Compete with your peeps on private leaderboards.


Earn your prize from the choice of rewards.

Smart Water Bottle

Hydration that counts.

Sleek, lightweight, and sure to keep you energized. Start your H₂O journey the INGO way.

Every sip is precisely tracked and effortlessly synced-no guesswork required!

Integrates With

Apple Health

Apple Health



Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect

Huawei Health

Huawei Health

Reimagine Your Employee Wellness Program

Time to take gamification seriously!

  • Improve employee well-being
  • Increase motivation and engagement
  • Prevent lifestyle-related illnesses
  • Restore the camaraderie after months of isolation

INGO For Business

We help you deliver relevant solutions to your people and hear the heartbeat of your organization.

  • Personalized and engaging wellness plan
  • Customizable marketplace and rewards
  • Analytics portal and measurable results
  • Integration with HRMS and Healthcare System

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