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The Top 5 Podcasts to Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle in the UAE

There are a ton of great podcasts out there that can help you stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. So why not give them a try? Here are 5 of our favorites!

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How Gamification is Changing Healthcare

Gamification is emerging as a powerful tool for driving permanent behavioral change, with more and more organizations implementing gamified healthcare programs. Learn more about it in this post.

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7 reasons why staying hydrated is important for your body

Water is essential for human life. It's one of the basic necessities for survival, and that's probably not news to you. But what you might not know is how important hydration is for your body - from head to toe. Here are seven reasons why staying hydrated should be a top priority for you. (And if it's already a priority, good on you! Keep up the good work.)

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The Power of Music: How High-Energy Music Can Make Your Workout More Effective

What is it about music that can have such a profound effect on our workouts? Let's take a look at the science behind the power of music and how it can help you make your workout more effective. Track suggestions inside!

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5 surprising health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep

Getting enough sleep has astounding effects on your overall health and daily life. Read on to know how sleep affects your body, mood and health. Tips for sleeping better inside!

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What to watch on Netflix while on the treadmill?

Make your treadmill workout a more fun moment. Check out our suggested TV shows to watch while working out.

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How to start exercising when you're out of shape

It is easy to devise excuses not to exercise, and you may quickly find yourself demotivated, but there are solutions, that makes exercise something you look forward to rather than something you dread. Simple tips inside!

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A bottle that’s called smart!

With technology evolving, many gadgets have been introduced and named “smart water bottles” to help reduce the challenge of keeping up with hydration. So, what is a smart water bottle, and are all smart water bottles created equal?

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