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Making healthy habits fun and rewarding,
every day.

It's easy to lose sight of what really matters in life. These days, most of us don't move enough to keep healthy, and with more time spent sitting at a desk, watching TV, or socializing virtually, our priorities are shifting away from personal health and wellness.

INGO brings back what is vital into perspective. We motivate people to take care of their mental and physical health, for a stronger sense of confidence and inspiration. Happiness is a journey; we just make it fun, fulfilling, and collective!

Based on your unique profile, the game sets a rewarding scheme for your water intake, sleep, and activity.

With INGO Smart Water Bottle, your hydration is accurately tracked as a key metric for health, revitalizing your connection to your body, community, and planet. Like sleep and activity, the right amount of water maintains your body's functions and boosts your immunity.

Well, Champ, what are you waiting for?

INGO is a brand by CME, a global technology and innovation firm.
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