A bottle that’s called smart!

February 21, 2019

Dehydration is the source of mild to severe health problems. In fact, as per Mayo Clinic, dehydration can lead to serious complications such as heat injury, urinary and kidney problems, seizures, and low blood volume shock. Most of these complications of dehydration can have fatal consequences. That’s why keeping up with your hydration is very important, noting that besides helping you maintain good health, it has foreseen benefits on the skin and overall mood.

With technology evolving, many gadgets have been introduced and named “smart water bottles” to help reduce the challenge of keeping up with hydration. So, what is a smart water bottle, and are all smart water bottles created equal?

What is a smart water bottle?

It is a bit vague to name a water bottle smart with the different features available on the market today. Generally, a smart water bottle is a drinking recipient that connects to your phone to give you data on your hydration level. It’s a rechargeable battery (or coin cell batteries) connected device that using sensors integrated into any part of the bottle would accurately track your water intake and remind you of drinking water throughout the day. With smart water bottles coming in all shapes and sizes, and technologies, choosing the right one that will actually keep you interested long enough is no easy task. In addition to tracking your water intake, some bottles have sensors that reveal the temperature of the liquid, glow, or tell you how much water is left inside.  

These smart water bottles will communicate wirelessly to your phone and using a companion app showcase your hydration data and remind you to drink water periodically.  

But, that’s not all, some smart water bottles offer other features such as having a built-in Bluetooth speaker or self-cleaning / water purification capabilities. But, here it’s important to think about whether these features are actually essential to solve your problem: accurately track your water levels and encourage you to drink more water.

Who is a smart water bottle for?

People with health conditions such as kidney stones that require them to drink water frequently may find this technology beneficial. Moreover, whether you are a fit athlete or someone looking to get healthier, smart water bottles are really cool and make drinking water a fun, tech-enabled process.

When you’re choosing a smart water bottle, you should consider:

  1. Hydration reminders: The ultimate goal is to help you drink more water, so no matter the way, the bottle should help you reach your goal.
  1. Personalization: your water intake isn’t a standard 8 glasses a day as commonly known, it depends on your height, weight, age, and other factors.
  1. Accuracy: while some bottles would track the number of refills, it’s the number of sips that really counts.
  1. Lightweight and leakproof: you should be able to carry your bottle around without worrying that it leaks and damages your belongings.
  1. Ease of use: connecting and using the bottle right out of the box should be easy, and most important cleaning the bottle ought to be simple, some bottles require you to disassemble it, which turns out to be a total hassle.  

This is called smart!

INGO smart water bottle helps you accurately track your water intake using a flowmeter and encourages you to take more sips by sending you fun hydration reminders periodically. It’s transparent, lightweight, leakproof, and with a battery lasting up to 14 days. But that’s not all, INGO gamifies health! Besides using the companion INGO Health App to get your personalized daily hydration goal, you can connect your fitness tracker and unlock overall health goals, compete with your favorite peeps on the leaderboards and earn rewards! Are you still wondering if a smart water bottle is worth it? Check out our user reviews.

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