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Small actions, big changes

We believe the smallest steps can spark big changes and help pave the way for a better tomorrow.

Organizations like yours have the power to make a real impact, and it starts with saying no to single-use plastic.

Small actions, big changes
Make the smart choice

While reusable water bottles are a great start, a smart water bottle takes it to the next level.

With features like water intake tracking and goal rewards, INGO smart water bottle leverages gamification and data to promote wellness and green habits for your team.

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Go beyond the obvious

INGO isn't just a smart water bottle—it's a powerful tool for promoting healthy habits.

With added features like smart goals for sleep, training, active calories and steps, INGO has your overall health in mind.

When reaching daily goals, users are rewarded with gifts, discounts, and experiences, as well as the chance to donate to organizations working towards a better planet.

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See the change in real-time

To top it off, INGO provides organizations with real-time data and analytics on their sustainability efforts.

By tracking reduced plastic usage, CO2 emissions avoided, and their positive impact on overall health and wellbeing, organizations can measure their progress and showcase their commitment to sustainability and employee wellness.

Water Consumption, Carbon Emissions

Join INGO Blue Program

The program is catered to companies like yours that care about sustainability and health.

Reduce Plastic
Reduce plastic
Support wellbeing
Support wellbeing
Measure your impact
Measure your impact

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