Save $20 on your first INGO Smart Water Bottle purchase

A smart and easy way to stay hydrated

See what you drink

Thanks to INGO's transparent water container, you can see the water, and know when you need to refill your bottle.

Easy to have on the go

It's so lightweight, you'd barely feel it! 
Carry INGO smart water bottle with you indoors and outdoors. It's leakproof and has a protective magnetic cap keeping the suction lid clean and sanitized all day long.

Long battery life & universal charger

You'd forget when was the last time you charged your smart water bottle! 
Use a universal Type-C cable (provided) to charge your bottle’s battery that lasts up to
14 days!

Completely washable

Washing your bottle is hassle-free! 
It is made of only three parts: the water container, cap, and lid. All can be washed with water and soap. The waterproof puck is built into the lid so you don’t need to detach any part.

Works with ice

Stay fresh! The bottle won’t be fooled by the ice cubes, as it only counts what you drink, not what’s in it. Don't refrigerate it though 🙂

Play it healthy!


Hit your personalized goals
and collect points.


Compete with your tribe
and aim for the Health Crown.

Win rewards

Redeem your points
for vouchers and discounts.

Sync your bottle with INGO Health app

Pair it & let the magic happen!

  • One tap to pair the bottle x app, it's that simple!
  • Seamless water intake tracking via Bluetooth.

Improve your health with a free app including

  • A personalized program that dynamically evolves as you get fitter.
  • Friendly reminders to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Feel inspired to go beyond the expected

  • Hit your daily goals, earn points and redeem them in the rewards marketplace.
  • Compete on private leaderboards and use boosters to build your winning strategy.

Integrates with
your fitness tracker

Optionally pair your fitness tracker to unlock more health metrics, earn more points, and up the game (and your wellness-360 habits!)

Apple Health


Garmin Connect

Huawei Health


Quench your thirst and get healthy!

INGO smart water bottle will be available soon, be amongst the first to own it! Fill in the form below and save $20 on your pre-order, no pre-payment required!

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