What to watch on Netflix while on the treadmill?

October 8, 2022

There is nothing wrong with watching a movie while doing exercise. If used moderately, it might even have some favorable effects. Those who choose to watch television instead of listening to music at the gym are aware of the exceedingly fine balance a series must maintain in order to be considered good workout entertainment. Ideally, it provides some inspiration. While running or cycling, watching television or movies might help you feel less bored and can distract you from pain, allowing you to exercise more intensely or for a longer period of time. Here are a few Netflix trending short series that made the cut.

8 Shows to Watch on Netflix while working out

Here are a few Netflix trending series that made the cut.

1. Little Miss Sumo

Little Miss Sumo is a brief but impactful film with a strong female tone that explores traditional cultural beliefs, the spirit of physical competition, and the possibility of change. While Netflix does have some of the best sports movies, Little Miss Sumo provides a more condensed but no less fascinating look into the world of an athlete. It is a contemplative look at a woman battling not just for titles but also for the freedom to follow her passions without hindrance. Allowing yourself to watch this while exercising at home or in the gym can be a terrific motivator to continue your fitness routine. Watching this popular show while burning calories could surprise you.

2. Cobra Kai

Drama, comedy, and action. inspiring material for viewers who want to practice martial arts at home in addition to their classes. Through the skill of striking the leg, elbows, and arms, viewers might learn how to improve speed, flexibility, and core strength, as well as endurance and reaction time.

3. Cheer

Cheer instructs viewers on how to master balance and coordination, strength, and flexibility in addition to teaching them how to participate in team sports. While Cheer can be physically taxing due to bursts of tumbling and jumping, the flexibility you'll develop during training can benefit you in lower-intensity activities like extending your muscles to point your toes and fingertips and holding positions at the top of a pyramid.

4. Friends

Continuous training, in contrast to interval training, requires that the individual not halt or alter speed between exercises, making it exhausting and frequently boring labor. Although participants are free to mix and match their disciplines, continual training necessitates at least 20 minutes of submaximal work. Although a continuous training session divided into 20-minute sessions could be longer, its lack of diversity can occasionally cause participants to become easily bored. So, if you're about to tackle the challenge and heading to the gym, now is a good moment to draw out the major guns with your favorite television series.

You'll need something witty and lighthearted that will make you chuckle and take your mind off how tiresome the exercise is. Extremely important that the program can track the length of your 20-minute burst and keep a steady tempo throughout. The American sitcom Friends nails the mark. It seems designed to be your constant training partner, with each episode lasting 20 minutes.

Remember to drink 1 cup of water every 20 minutes while on the treadmill. INGO Smart Water Bottle helps you track the sips you take accurately. 

5. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls has a brief surge in popularity in 2022 despite airing from 2000 to 2007. The series acquired a new audience on Netflix and is now more well-known than ever. The bond between the Gilmores' mothers and daughters is exquisite. They talk in such a cadence that no one ever needs to fully comprehend them. Everyone can focus on their exercise program thanks to the mind-numbing getaway provided by the glamorization of tiny communities and Ivy League universities. You'll have been running for thirty minutes by the time you've taken it all in, I bet.

6. Glee

It only seems sense that a musical TV show would have a similar effect since listening to music is the go-to activity to motivate exercise. You'll be enthralled with Glee thanks to its dazzling musical numbers and thought-provoking social criticism. If you're searching for something extra energizing, watch this on treadmill.

7. Big Bang Theory

Some of the best gym entertainment options are excellent for "spacing out." The Big Bang Theory characters might be an acquired taste, but when combined with actual labor-intensive tasks, it offers the proper level of tolerable auditory stimulation. Scientific jargon may just be the ideal ignorable stimulant for gym rats to keep focused during their workout when it comes to strengthening quads and holding planks.

8. Line of Duty

Looking for a show to watch during your challenging circuit training session that will keep you focused and in the moment? The Line of Duty is the only place to look. You'll be riveted to each of your training stations by the series' heart-pounding thrills and unexpected turns, with nearly every scene providing a thrilling insight into the chaotic lives of the Anti-Corruption Unit. Imagine doing jump ropes, push-ups, and squat jumps as you prepare to join the Line of Duty team, then get on the treadmill and follow Kate Fleming as she tracks down more criminals.

In summary, watching a fantastic show will make you look forward to working out, which is a big gain. Enjoy yourself when you exercise your body to feel renewed, alive, and invigorated. All of this is great!

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